Recreation Facilities

Private Dining Hall

Meet your wife and children five minutes after you finish work. Take your pick from a restaurant or a cafe with a variety of cuisines and speciality health foods. Or wander into the Cybercafe and onto the internet. Maybe you seek the ambience of a pub or a disco to dance the night away...

An Oasis in the concrete jungleTake the plunge. Dive into the clear blue water of the pool and feel your body cut through the water as you swim a few laps. Spice up an ordinary work day with a rendezvous by the poolside. Or have a game of squash, table tennis or billiards. It is refreshing and invigorating. Before, during or after work. If you stay in the suburbs and business takes you to south Mumbai, BODYRHYTHM - The Club is the ideal place to fill in the gap between meetings.

Poolside Cafe